Van Gaever

Jes Van Gaever started her television career in 1999 at production company Woestijnvis and quickly became editor-in-chief of the talk show De Laatste show (2001). She contributed to shows such as De Quizmaster (Bart De Pauw, 2000) and stands at the cradle of De Slimste Mens ter Wereld (2003).

In 2004 Jes stepped into new production company De Filistijnen where she lies at the basis of new titels Best Friends (2005-2015), Eternal Glory (2008-2016) and Bountyhunters (2008-2015), al becoming network classics on Belgian national broadcaster één and running for many seasons. Eternal Glory also becomes an international success, with local versions in Germany, Sweden, Norway, UK,  … Since 2010, she leads the international line productions for Eternal Glory.

In 2010 she creates both ‘The Stronger Sex’ and ‘De Maandagshow’, for commercial broadcaster VTM. In 2018 she makes ‘Summer Vibes’ (Het zomert met), a conceptual talkshow. In 2019 she contributes to ‘Wat een dag’ for VTM. In 2020 De Filistijnen develop their first documentary ‘Baby Fever’ (Kinderwens) for één.

While staying active at De Filistijnen creating entertainment programs, Mockingbird Productions is now her latest venture focusing on high end scripted TV series and animations. In 2020 Mockingbird receives VAF support for developing a new high end drama series.





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