Bruno Wyndaele is a television producer and creator of popular television shows such as ETERNAL GLORY, BEST FRIENDS, BOUNTYHUNTERS and THE SMARTEST PERSON IN THE WORLD.

During his career (1992-1999) as a radio producer and host (Radio 1) and as a journalist (Humo) Bruno Wyndaele takes his cautious first steps on television on the newly established Belgian commercial network VT4 in 1995.

In 1997 he enrolls in the newly founded television production company Woestijnvis. As a television producer/host Bruno Wyndaele stands at the cradle of successful programs such as ‘Man Bijt Hond’(1997). With ‘De Laatste Show’ (1999-2012) and ‘De Slimste Mens Ter Wereld’ (2003-) he creates and hosts a new late night slot on national broadcaster Eén. The celebrity  quiz show ‘De Slimste Mens Ter Wereld’ still runs in Belgium (VIER) and is sold internationally.

In 2004 Wyndaele establishes his own production company De Filistijnen. He produces ‘The Newest Quiz’, which he also hosts and the daily game show ‘Friend or Foe’. From 2006 onwards ‘Best Friends’, ‘Eternal Glory’ and ‘Bounty Hunters’ become network classics on Belgian national broadcaster één, all running for many seasons, hosted by Bruno Wyndaele. Eternal Glory also becomes an international success, with local versions in Germany, Sweden, Norway, UK, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands.

In 2018 he returns to his love of talkshows with ‘SUMMER VIBES’ which he hosts for één. In 2019 he produces the daily late night show ‘Wat een dag’ for VTM.  In 2020 De Filistijnen shoot their first documentary series ‘Kinderwens (BABY FEVER)’ for één.

While staying active at De Filistijnen creating entertainment programs, Mockingbird Productions is now his latest venture focusing on high end scripted TV series and animation.

Since 2016 Wyndaele is chairman of the VOFTP, the association of Flemish Independent Film and Television producers.





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