Five former inmates start a restaurant together in a former brothel.

After 15 years in prison, Rik walks out of jail and into a new life, his dream is to open his own restaurant with a few other former inmates. They are determined to steer clear of crime. But it’s not that easy since the restaurant – AMIGOS – is operating out of a former brothel. Amigos may have the odds against them, but they’re determined to make their dream come true.

Jurgen Delnaet
Johny Voners
Kürt Rogiers
Wouter Hendrickx
Frances Lefebeure
Sandrine André
Ruth Becquart
Janne Desmet
Kristine Van Pellicom
Screenplay: Pierre De Clercq and Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem
Director: Hendrik Moonen, Kadir Balci
Producer: Mockingbird Productions
Co-Producer: DPG Media
DOP : Diego Dezuttere
Editors:  Jeroen Brouwers, Pieter Smet
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Television series
Release: 2016
Supported by: Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF),, Belgian Tax Shelter, Stad Gent
Sales: Beta Film
Tax shelter partners: Casa Kafka Pictures
Release & Festivals: 2016: FIPA-Festival of Audiovisual Programs (FR)