Raving review for Mister Paper

Mister Paper received a wonderful review today and received five stars in Flemish newspaper De Standaard!

Mister Paper is a of Mockingbird Production in coproduction with Balance Film GmbH, Viking Film, Ketnet, NDR.de and AVROTROS.
Producers Dries Phlypo, Bruno Wyndaele, Karlijn Van de Cruys, Ralf Kukula, Marleen Slot.

Directed by Steven De Beul and Ben Tesseur
Scripts by Elvis Peeters and Mieke De Jong
Character and set design by Gerda Dendooven
Storyboards by Hilaire Van den Broeck and Shannen Slambrouck
Beast Animation
studio manager Dorien Schetz
production manager Delphine Dumon
Balance Film GmbH production supervisor Francie Liebschner
Sets, props and dolls at Beast Animation by Kris Genijn, Margaux Humblet, Geertrui De Vijlder, Lukas Winter and Maarten de With.
Sets, props and dolls at Balance Film by Paula Lorenz and Alma Weber.
Animation supervision by Rosanne Janssens
DOP Steven Frederickx
Compositing supervisor at Balance: Jan Mildner
Grading at Flow postproduction and Balance Film
Voice recordings at The Image & Sound Factory NV
Vote Mr. Paper: Koen De Graeve
Voice Cat: Thomas Cordie
Sound design by Klangfee, foley artist Peter Sandmann
Original music Stijn Cole
Making of Bram Kempynck
Funds: Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds, Creative Europe Media Desk Vlaanderen, MDM Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, Screen Flanders, and the Tax Shelter measure of the Belgian Government
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